Eradicating bed bugs can take from four to eight (or more) hours. The time it takes, depends largely on the size of the room, the construction of the room (sheet rock heats up faster than brick or cinder block), what kind of flooring, what the ceiling is made of, is the room insulated, etc. The goal is to get the room to a minimum temperature of 122 degrees F and preferably above 135 degrees F for 2 to 4 hours for a smaller infestation, or 6-8 hours for larger infestations.

We deliver to anywhere within 20 miles of the Colorado Springs city center, or within 50 miles of the Colorado Springs city center for an additional charge.

We are not open over the weekend on a Saturday, or Sunday, so the earliest we can pick up the equipment is on a Monday. So in that case there is a minimum of a 3 day charge.

We require you to provide a drivers license or valid form of identification, from the person that is responsible for renting the equipment. You will also be responsible for signing the rental agreement contract, upon delivery of the equipment.

Please check our home page or equipment page for coupon codes for discounts or call us at (719) 350-6977.

All of our heaters and fans can be run on standard 110 Volt, 15 amp outlets found in most houses. However each heater should only be plugged into one dedicated breaker per heater. We have extension cords available to be able to plug the heaters into the outlets of other rooms on different breakers. The fans can be daisy chained and plugged into any standard outlets.

Diatomaceous earth a natural ground silica powder that kills bed bugs, can be put in the cracks around the furniture or around the areas of infestation as an additional measure. Bags of diatomaceous earth can be purchased on this website, when renting the equipment.

Please read our page on bed bugs to successfully identify them in any stage of their development.

Yes, there is a $200 security deposit that is required when renting the equipment. The $200 will be refunded when the equipment is returned without damage.

You will need to call us at (719) 350-6977, with at least a 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule your reservation. Otherwise there is a $100 fee charge. Also you must make sure to be home at the scheduled time of the equipment rental or you could be subject to a $100 non-delivery fee.

Please check out the tutorials page and watch all the videos and read any other materials, for a complete guide on what to do before and during delivery of your equipment.