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DIY Bed Bug Heaters

Colorado Springs, CO

You could save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, renting your own equipment, and killing those nasty bed bugs yourself, using heat treatment! Everything you need to rid yourself of bed bugs, (heaters, fans, extension cords, laser thermometers) will be delivered and picked up at your front door.


Everything you need to easily kill bed bugs in an up to 325 square feet room (or 2,600 cu. ft.)


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Advantages of Heat vs. Chemicals

According to scientific research and industry professionals, heat treatment is considered the most effective and efficient method of eliminating bed bugs, in contrast to hazardous and progressively less effective chemicals.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs have 5 different life stages with the adults being the size of an apple seed and the 3rd live stage that of a sesame seed. The first life stage is very small and the size of a grain of salt. The eggs are white and also the size of the grain of salt. Bed bugs have a red rust color, six legs and lines on their back which act like expansion joints when they fill up with blood.

When bed bugs have fed they are engorged and don’t even look like the same bug. They are more oblong than round. When they haven’t fed, they will be very flat from the side profile. The younger life stages that haven’t fed in over a week or two will become clear or translucent in color.

The difference between males and females. The male’s back end will be rounded where the female’s back end will come to a point. They have a musty basement smell if squished or if you find them in large numbers.

If you think you might have them, take a picture and text us. We would be happy to ID your bug. Learn more about Bed Bugs, including how they’re brought into your home on our Understanding Bed Bugs page.

How to Tell if You Have Bed Bugs

There are numerous ways to tell if you have Bed Bugs. One of the first symptoms of Bed Bugs is their bites and the itching sensation that certain people experience after being bitten. This will often cause people to search for the source of the pest that is biting them, and will lead to the discovery of additional signs including: Blood Spatter, Eggs, Exuvia (otherwise known as skins or shell casings), and ultimately one or more stages of Live Bugs.

Do Bed Bugs Fly?

No, Bed Bugs cannot fly. They may appear to have flat wing-like structures, but they are thankfully incapable of flight. If you are experiencing a pest that also flies, we are happy to say that this is not a Bed Bug.

Can Bed Bugs Jump?

Thankfully, the answer to this question is also No! Bed Bugs can move fairly rapidly, and can crawl up to 100 Feet per evening, but we are happy to say that they cannot jump!


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Save 10% Off By Using
Coupon Code: spring23


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